How to Save on Moving Costs

For those planning to move into a new home, it is important to understand how quickly moving costs pile up, and how to save money in different ways.

Several key considerations must be made when planning the move to your new home, such as whether you should hire a professional mover or do the job yourself. Within these options ways to compare different prices to ensure you find the most affordable option that meets all your needs.

In addition to this, many small factors must be considered when you move as well, as there could be added ways to save. Your television and internet costs could be lowered by researching installation fees at your new residence and by looking for the best deals available in your area.

Planning is always the first step in establishing the best ways to save. This way, you stay in control of your spending throughout the move, which puts you in a better financial position for the future.

How to Create a Moving Budget

Creating a budget is the most important step when planning your move. It is easy to underestimate the cost of moving homes, particularly if your moving plans involve paying for a storage unit. The costs add up quickly and planning ahead allows you to draft an accurate budget.

Be sure to account for any of following expenses that apply to your plans:

  • Cost of packing materials, including boxes and protective wrapping.
  • Rental for a truck.
  • Cost of hiring professional movers.
  • Rent for a storage unit.
  • Cost of disconnecting and reconnecting your utilities and internet.

Research the likely cost of each expense and create a budget from there. It is recommended that you add an additional allowance for each category of spending. This reduces the risk of going over budget. If you keep your costs low, you may have extra money left at the end of the move.

How to Save Money on Boxes

Boxes are an easily avoidable moving expense if you give yourself enough time to prepare for the move.

Well in advance of the move date, start asking your friends and family whether they know anyone who has moved recently, as you may be able to obtain boxes for free. Websites such as Craigslist and Freecycle commonly offer free boxes as well.

Retail stores that restock frequently are usually happy to let customers have spare boxes. Give yourself time to ask at multiple locations. Some stores restock on specific days of the week and have boxes available the next morning.

Learn About a DIY Move or Hiring Professional Movers

Deciding whether to hire professional movers can have a big impact on your moving plans. It may seem expensive to hire professionals, but it is worth the cost for the speed and convenience these services provide. Comparing different companies is extremely important. Make sure you have plenty of bids to consider before choosing who to hire.

As well as looking at the rate offered by a moving company, take time to research the company itself. Reviews from previous customers help you judge whether a company with a high rate is worth the expense, or if a company with a low rate still provides an adequate service.

Look out for red flags, such as a company with movers who purposefully slow down their work because they are paid by the hour. This means a lower rate results in a much higher cost on the moving day. Sites such as the Better Business Bureau or Yelp provide you with this information.

If you rent a truck and move yourself, perhaps with help from friends, you save money. A professional company may include the cost of truck rental in their fees in some areas.

If you do rent a truck yourself, make sure you have packed completely before the moving day. This allows you to move quicker and it reduces the number of hours you need the truck for which cuts down on the cost.

How to Save on Moving Trucks and Storage Units

If you plan to rent a truck or storage unit, it is important to take plenty of time to research the rates for different companies in your area. Some storage units that are further away from residential areas might have a lower rent cost, for example.

The cost of your reservations is often lowered if they are made in advance. You may find a company offering a combination deal for both truck and storage unit rentals.

How to Sell Some of Your Unwanted Belongings

When moving to a new house, it is important to look over your belongings in advance to see whether there is anything to give away, throw away or sell. Start doing this as soon as possible and give yourself time to look over all your belongings.

Giving yourself extra time means:

  • You give away items to organizations such as Goodwill which allows you to help someone in need.
  • You throw away items that take up space in the moving process.
  • You sell items in yard sales, garage sales or online.
  • The money you earn from any sales can be put toward your moving costs.
  • You save time and effort by reducing the number of items you must pack and move to your new home.

How to Save on the Cost of Reinstalling Internet and Television Services

Planning the installation of your internet and television services is an important task when moving. Contact your service providers and arrange for a technician to connect you at your new residence as soon as possible. Contacting the service within three weeks of the move date is generally recommended.

If your contract has a termination fee, call and ask if this could be waived if you start a new contract for your new home. If the service provider is not available at your new address, they might agree to waive the fee anyway.

The area you are moving to may have different deals on internet and television contracts. Research what is available, as this could result in monthly savings after you move. This is a good idea if you do not currently have a contract, as you may be able to save on monthly costs.