How to Clean and Organize Your Living Space

If you want to enjoy a larger and tidier home, easily achieve it with a little organization. Not only will you have a bigger, fresher living space, you have a home easier to clean.

That means you do not have to spend as much precious time doing household chores.

Start by decluttering your home. Begin with one section so the process is easier to manage. Use storage containers to organize your belongings and consider getting rid of unnecessary items.

Once you have organized the space, implement cleaning techniques that allow for a smarter and easier clean. After you have organized and cleaned your home, you could consider redecorating. A new coat of paint makes all the difference.

Painting allows you to add your own sense of style to your home. If you choose white or off-white colors, you can even make the space look bigger. For tips and tricks on organizing and cleaning your home, read the following insightful sections.

Ways to Declutter Your Home

Decluttering your home may seem like a monumental task but there are many benefits to clearing up your belongings.

By packing items away and getting rid of items you hardly ever use or do not need, you significantly reduce the amount of cleaning required and make the space look much larger and more inviting.

Once you decide to declutter your home, it is advisable to come up with a strategy. This makes the task much less overwhelming and much more efficient. Here are some tips on how to declutter successfully:

  • Address one room of your home at a time. Then address each section of each room at a time.
  • Get rid of unneeded paperwork. A lot of clutter consists of paper, be it mail, adverts, documents or other items. Get into a habit of recycling your papers as soon as you do not need them instead of leaving them in piles around your home.
  • Get rid of clothing you do not wear. It is estimated most people only wear 20 percent of their clothes 80 percent of the time.
  • Invest in storage bins. These come in various shapes and sizes. By adding personalized labels to the storage bins, you make organization even simpler.
  • Create a challenge for yourself. This makes decluttering your home a fun and exciting opportunity. You could set time limits for decluttering each room. Alternatively, you could give away one of your belongings every day for a one-year period.

Learn About Storage Solutions for Your Apartment

Using storage containers allows you to optimize your home’s space and organize your belongings better. They are especially useful in small apartments, whether you are just moving in or have lived there for a long time. You may even be able to use furniture as storage solutions. For instance, you could buy an ottoman or a bed frame that comes with shelving units.

If your closet is cluttered, you could buy hangers to help you organize your clothing better. It is best to get hangers all made of the same material. Face them in the same direction too.

This makes it much easier to move hangers and make sure your clothes do not drop off. It also creates more space. In addition, if you have lots of cluttered shoes in your closet, consider buying a shoe rack. This could either sit at the bottom of the closet or it could hang from the door or wall of your closet.

Bathrooms become cluttered easily but with a little organization, you can create more space. Add a removable rack to the insides of your bathroom cabinets in which you place your bathroom products. Alternatively, get a caddy. This is useful placed in showers, on top of kitchen sinks and on the sides of bathtubs.

Tips for Organizing Your Place

When organizing your living spaces, it is vital you group together like-items.

This allows you to maintain good home organization and easily know where items are when you need them. If there are items you use more often, ensure they are easily accessible in one place. Use the motto: “everything has its place.”

To determine where best to place each item, consider:

  • Who uses the item.
  • What the item is used for.
  • How often the item is used.

Putting labels on storage bins is a good way of making sure items are returned to their rightful places. Also, if you have children, it is a good idea to put toys away in a toy chest. This teaches children to responsibly put away items after using them.

Tips for a Cleaner Living Space

Regardless of how organized you are, your home naturally gets dirty over time. However, you lessen the amount of cleaning you need to do by:

  • Cleaning up as you go. This ensures areas and items of your home do not accumulate dirt over time.
  • Using baking soda. You may think of baking soda as a food product but it also makes a powerful cleaning substance. Baking soda is very versatile. It often works better than a normal dish detergent. Baking soda is great at eliminating odors as well. Sprinkle a little on furniture items like chairs and couches, leave it for a few minutes and then vacuum. This deodorizing technique can even be used on cat and dog beds.
  • Covering food that you put into a microwave with a paper towel. Cleaning a microwave is a hassle. You reduce the mess by covering food in paper towels. In addition, place wet paper towels inside your microwave and allow them to heat up for a few minutes. This softens the stains inside your microwave oven, so they are easier and quicker to clean.

How to Choose Paint Colors for Your Place

Deciding on a paint color for your living space is an exciting but difficult task.

The color you select says a lot about your home and you. What mood do you want to create? If you use warm colors like yellows and oranges, it makes your living space feel cozier but if you use cool colors like blues and greens, your space feels larger.

In addition, using off-white and tan colors allows for more decoration choices. When it comes to choosing furniture and accessories, a neutral wall color ensures the items does not clash with the color.

As well as deciding on the color scheme, it is important to consider which type of paint you want to use. There are a number of paint sheens available in latex and oil. Latex-based paints are better than oil-based paints though.

This is because latex is fade resistant and it causes less blisters than you would get with oil. Glossy paint is also a popular paint to use. It is stain-resistant, so it is best for rooms used a lot. Specifically, gloss paint is great for kitchens because grease easily accumulates on kitchen walls. With a high-gloss paint, grease is easily wiped away.