Checklist for Your First Apartment

It is recommended that you create a first apartment checklist when moving away for the first time. This is to ensure that you do not forget to pack any important belongings. A checklist can help you have a smooth transition into your apartment and a less stressful move-in. In addition, an apartment checklist will help make sure that you bring all of your living essentials. 

Prior to your move, reviewing apartment moving tips can help you prepare an efficient move. While apartment moving can feel overwhelming, appropriate planning and research can help ease the process. Read further to learn tips for moving and how to create an effective moving list. 

First Apartment Checklist Essentials

Moving to a new apartment, especially for the first time, is exciting for many renters. When moving into a new home, residents have the opportunity to decorate their new homes to their liking. 

However, you may feel overwhelmed by all the things that you need for a new place. For that reason, a first apartment checklist can be helpful in getting organized. Below are common household items to include on your apartment checklist: 

  • Kitchenware – Basic kitchen products are essential to include as part of your list. You will need at least one pot, pan and spatula until you can purchase more tools. In addition, you will need plates, cups and eating utensils. However, plastic or paper products will suffice until you can purchase dishware. 
  • First-aid kit – When moving apartments, it is essential to obtain basic medical supplies. It is very easy to get hurt while moving, so it is necessary to have a first-aid kit. Additionally, accidents can happen any time, so it is necessary to be prepared. 
  • Bedding – In order to get restful sleep, purchasing adequate bedding is necessary. Mattresses, bed frames and bed sheets are essential components to a comfortable bed. 
  • Cleaning products – Moving to a new apartment and keeping it clean involves purchasing cleaning supplies. You will need to disinfect your new home as well as maintain it over time. 
  • Storage – Many apartments contain storage closets. In order to keep them tidy, you will need to purchase organization tools like hangars, bins, stackable drawers or shelving. 
  • Tool kit – Purchasing a basic tool kit is necessary for any home. You will likely need items such as nails, hooks and a hammer to assemble furniture and hang decorative pieces. 
  • Lighting – When apartment moving, you should invest in additional lighting if your apartment lacks proper lighting. It is also necessary to purchase lightbulbs for the existing light fixtures.  
  • Living room furniture – You may want to start with basic living room furniture such as a couch, coffee table and television. Low-priced items can be found online or at garage sales. 
  • Shower curtain – If your apartment does not have a shower with a built-in shower door, then it would be beneficial to obtain a shower curtain so that your bathroom does not flood. 
  • Small ladder – A small ladder or step-stool can help you clean hard-to-reach places, hang decoration or replace lightbulbs.


Moving Tips 

Many residents look for apartment moving tips when determining what to pack when relocating. There a number of helpful tips and hacks that you can find. However, below are some basic moving tips that can help you:

  • Declutter – Completing this step will help to simplify your move into your first apartment. You can do this while packing or unpacking. Decluttering before your move will reduce the amount of packing you need to do. 
  • However, if you do not have time to do so beforehand, then you can declutter while moving in. Creating different piles for donating, throwing away and keeping can aid in organizing the decluttering process. Moreover, you can create another pile of items that you can sell. This will provide you with some additional finances so that you can purchase new items. 
  • Create a budget – Because moving can become expensive, creating a budget and estimating costs can help you stay financially stable.
  • Decorate slowly – It is not necessary to decorate your new apartment immediately. In fact, you can decorate over time. You do not need to put pressure on yourself to fully decorate your home the first week that you move in. You can purchase with every paycheck you receive or in phases. It is more important to unpack all of your essentials and furniture rather than decorate in the beginning. 


  • Prioritize tasksWhen moving apartments, prioritizing tasks can help keep your stress low. Completing one task at a time will be a more efficient way to finish a to-do list. Creating a first apartment checklist can help you stay organized. 

Learn About Home Crafts for Your First Apartment

There are many easy craft ideas for the home that renters can find and make for their apartment.  Because moving to a new apartment can be expensive, making DIY decorative items and furniture can reduce many costs. In addition, finishing DIY projects can feel personally rewarding while adding inexpensive and unique pieces to your new home. 

When apartment moving, many residents feel the need to redecorate and give their home new energy. There are many projects that can be done without professional assistance. The following are some DIY ways to decorate and redecorate various aspects of a new apartment:

  • Reupholster cushions, chairs and couches
  • Paint walls
  • Make DIY scented candles
  • Create potpourri from dry flowers
  • Hang DIY or new artwork
  • Create a nursery for succulents
  • Create photo collages
  • Add a new finish to wooden furniture
  • Frame photos
  • Hang air plants 

However, not all residents are good at home crafts and DIY. To remedy this, you can enlist the help of friends and neighbors to assist you. Hosting a move-in party is a great way to obtain assistance. You can provide refreshments, food and supplies for everyone. 

In addition, you can assign specific tasks to each person helping. Decorating this way will add more personality to your home than if you were to simply purchase everything at a store. This is especially true if you do not feel confident in creating your own décor or furniture.