Learn About Home Automation Products for Senior Living

While home automation devices could be a helpful addition to any household, seniors and those who care for seniors could find them particularly useful.

Smart home devices can be programmed with tasks that they perform automatically. There are a wide variety of products on the market that can provide automated assistance in the home. As well as general home help, however, there are some products that could be of particular use in meeting the needs of seniors.

Seniors who wish to maintain their independence could find these automated products to be of great value, as they can help with day-to-day tasks that can easily become more difficult with age.

By using these products and controlling them yourself, you can minimize the responsibilities required of a caregiver. At the same time, anyone who is helping to care for a senior can find additional peace of mind by having these products in the home.

Learn About Medical Monitors

Home monitors for blood pressure and blood sugar are often useful purchases for a senior. A smart device, however, can offer additional benefits.

A smart monitor can be connected to a smartphone, such as that of a caregiver or loved one. Every time a reading of blood pressure or blood sugar is taken, the results can be stored for future reference, as well as sent to any linked smartphones.

If you are considering a blood pressure monitor, a popular product is the Blip Blood Pressure Monitor. This device provides timed reminders to take your blood pressure with audible alerts, and stores the results using a wi-fi connection. These results can be accessed via smartphone. The monitor can read and store results for two people at a time.

Those interested in a blood sugar monitor for a condition such as diabetes might consider the iHealth Smart Glucometer. This stores the results so you can track your blood sugar history, and allows caregivers to monitor the tests and results with remote access.

Learn About Security Products

For many seniors and their caregivers, safety is an important concern. An automated home security system can include cameras, sensors and alarms, and allows control and access through a linked smartphone.

This can also enable a caregiver to remotely monitor their loved one’s home for additional convenience and peace of mind. A popular smart home security product is the SimpliSafe Home Security System, which includes sensors and cameras.

Learn About Motion Sensors

If you purchase a home security system, you may have a motion sensor installed in your home already. However, you can also purchase special smart motion sensors for independent monitoring of any movement within the home of a senior.

These sensors can monitor regular motion around the home, sending an alert to the caregiver if there is any usual movement such as a fall. Program an alert to be sent if there is movement late at night, or at a time when the home should be unoccupied.

A product that many seniors and their loved ones could find useful is the Sen.se Mother Detector. This uses connected devices called “cookies”, which are placed on objects around the home, tracking the movement of each object.

The sensors can also be placed on medication bottles, to track when medication has been taken for the day.

Learn About the Smart Pillbox

For many seniors, medications are an important part of their daily routines. However, tracking which medications should be taken at which time can be difficult, and seniors may find themselves missing important doses.

A smart pillbox can help solve this problem. The device tracks the times the box is opened, allowing you to monitor when the medication has been taken. The Tricella Pillbox, for example, monitors individual pill drawers, sending an alert to a caregiver to inform them whether the pills have been taken. This can help to prevent missed medication doses.

Learn About Light Switches and Bulbs

Smart lighting devices can be a simple way to improve the convenience of a senior’s home. Motion sensor switches, for example, can turn on a light as soon as someone enters a room. This prevents you from having to stop and search for a light switch or walk into a dark room.

Purchase smart light bulbs that can be turned on remotely through an app. This can be used to check whether a light has been left on or off from another part of the home. Some popular products in this category are the Philips Hue bulbs and switches, which also feature the option to change the color of the light.

Learn About Reminder Clocks

For many seniors, forgetting daily tasks could be a barrier to maintaining independence. This could also be a source of stress and worry to their loved ones and caregivers. A smart reminder clock could be a simple solution to this problem.

The clock can be programmed to provide reminders for regular routines such as taking medication, as well as important tasks such as calling a health provider. Special events such as a birthday or family gathering can also be programmed.

You may be able to record the reminders in a loved one’s voice, helping the reminders to feel more personal. If you are considering purchasing this type of device, a popular product to consider is the Reminder Rosie.

What to Do Before Making a Purchase

You might wish to purchase one of the above products for yourself, or you may want to buy a device for a loved one. However, the large number of home automation products available on the market mean it is important to consider any product carefully before you purchase it.

Before making the purchase, consider the following:

  • What are the current needs of you or your loved one? Will the product meet one of these needs?
  • Does this product present an actual benefit to you or your loved one? Does it add to your peace of mind?
  • Is the product be compatible with the home in question, as well as your daily routine? If you need to make changes in order to use the product it might mean the purchase is less practical.