Learn About Automated Home Security Systems

Whether you own or rent your home, concern over the safety of your property and family is common. Because of this, choosing a home security system is an important task for any household.

In the past, having a home security system installed was often complicated and required the work of a professional.

While you may still want to pay for a professional installation, modern home security systems are easier to understand and install than ever before.

Security systems available today have the benefit of connecting to mobile devices such as smartphones. Several varieties of security products are available which allows you to choose and control the system yourself. In fact, you may consider installing other home automation systems as well.

It is important to understand the different functions of a home security system and other automation systems before choosing the product best suited to your household. Information to help you make your choice, as well as examples of some popular automated home security systems, is found below.

Considerations for Security Systems

Many home security systems are on the market and making a choice between them seems overwhelming to those with no previous experience. Before you start looking at the products available, take time to consider what you want from your home security system and create a list of ideal features to help you make your choice.

About Installation

Many home security systems allow you to install the system yourself. For many, this is ideal as you save on the cost of hiring a professional to install the system for you.

If you are not confident in your technical knowledge, you may prefer the reassurance of a professional installation. Look at the installation options and cost for each product you consider before making your final selection.

Learn About Cameras and Sensors

Cameras are a key feature of a home security system. If you have decided you want cameras as part of your system, make a note of the type of cameras you need. Some systems offer higher quality footage than others.

Sensors are another important factor when looking into home security solutions. Different types of security sensors exist, and each meets a different requirement. You may want a general motion detection sensor or a sensor alerting you only when a window or door is opened.

If you have a large property, you may want more cameras or sensors than the average home security system would need. In this case, look for systems designed to support additional cameras and sensors. You may be able to extend your product purchase or add technology to the existing system.

Learn About Alarms and Alerts

A security system’s alert function is important as this is how it communicates with you. Some people want an audible alarm that sounds when the system has been breached in some way. Alternatively, you may prefer an alert to be sent to your mobile device. Consider which options you want before looking at potential systems to purchase.

Information on Home Security Systems

Once you have considered the different aspects of the home security system you want, start comparing products. Keep your list of ideal features and budget in mind as you work through the options. To get you started, some potential choices for automated systems have been reviewed and compared below.

What is Frontpoint?

This is one of the most highly rated home security systems on the market. One of the most notable features of this product is its customer service and support, which is available 24/7. Customers have the option to try the product for 30 days before making a final decision.

Some advantages of the Frontpoint system include:

  • Wireless technology.
  • Self-installation.
  • Cellular alert system.
  • Indoor and outdoor cameras.
  • Sensors for windows, doors and garages.
  • Relatively inexpensive.

As with any product, it is important to consider the potential drawbacks. Frontline requires wireless access to work and is not a viable option in remote or rural areas relying on landlines. The product requires you to sign a contract before you are officially on the service.

What is a Vivint SmartHome?

Vivint is a popular system known for its easily controlled automation technology. Users connect all the parts of the system to a device such as a computer or smartphone. The system is available for both cellular and landline connections.

Some advantages of the Vivint SmartHome system include:

  • Wireless technology.
  • Cellular alert system.
  • Indoor and outdoor cameras.
  • Doorbell camera with two-way speaking connection.
  • Lifetime product warranty.

This product is more expensive than other home security systems and it requires users to sign a contract before service commences. It is important to note, the features of the Vivint SmartHome system mean it must be installed by a professional. The company does offer a same-day installation service.

About ADT

This company has the additional benefit of 140 years of experience behind them and are now bringing out automated home security products using new technology. The ADT home security system offers a six-month guarantee for its customers with a money back option.

Some advantages of the ADT system include:

  • Voice recognition technology.
  • Wireless or hardwire connection options.
  • Cellular alert system.
  • Indoor and outdoor cameras.
  • Light, door lock and garage door control.

This system is more expensive than the other two listed above and requires a long-term contract. In addition, installation cannot be completed on your own. ADT includes the cost of installation by one of their technicians within the price of the product.

Before You Decide

The products and systems mentioned above are full security systems and include connected camera and sensor options.

Other systems of this type are available to choose from and it is worth taking the time to shop around for your ideal system. The above systems are all full security systems. If you prefer a less comprehensive system, plenty of options exist for you to consider.

Purchase automated home security products such as a door lock sensor or security cameras for added safety. Many of these products are available for individual purchase and do not require a full security system to be installed.

By using automation technology, you maintain control of your home’s security features with these singular products or with a full security system.