Learn About Automated Heating and Cooling Control

Setting and keeping your ideal home temperature is difficult. Small changes in the weather can alter the temperature indoors.

In addition, you may have different temperature requirements for different sections of your house. As well as the considerations of comfort, it is important to remember the potential cost of inaccurate home heating or cooling, as frequently changing temperatures can cause your energy bills to spike. 

A simple solution to these issues is the installation of an automated home heating and cooling system. These offer additional control for their users and have been designed to counteract many of the issues experienced with traditional heating and cooling systems.

Even if you are buying a brand new home, you may consider installing an automated system. It will be more money upfront, but you may be able to save a large amount over time. In fact, there are many other home automation systems you may install in your house.

There are a wide variety of these products on the market and making a choice between them can be difficult. To help you with your decision, the features and benefits of smart temperature control devices have been outlined below, as well as a few product reviews.

What Heating and Cooling Control Devices Do

Automated heating and cooling, or smart temperature devices, are intended to give their users minute control over the temperature in their homes. As well as programming your ideal temperature for home comfort, you can make adjustments whenever necessary in order to lower your energy bills.

A very useful feature of some smart temperature devices is the ability to set different zones within your home. This enables you to change the temperature for different rooms within the house, saving the energy that would be required to heat or cool an unoccupied room. This results in an overall lower energy bill for summer or winter.

Users of automated temperature devices can also ensure their heating or cooling system takes the outdoor temperature into account. You may be able to program your system to measure the temperature outside and adjust your indoor temperature accordingly. This gives you additional control over your energy consumption.

Learn About the Benefits of Heating and Cooling Control Devices

The most notable benefit of a smart temperature control device might be its connection to the user’s smartphone, computer or tablet.

Using these devices to control your home temperature allows you to make small adjustments whenever you feel too warm or too cold, no matter where you are in your home. Remote access also allows you to make changes to the temperature when you are away from home, perhaps at work or even when you are on vacation.

Changing the temperature when you are away can allow you to make significant energy savings while the home is unoccupied. Many families have experienced the unpleasantness of arriving back after a journey to find the home either too hot or too cold. After a long absence, it takes time for the home to return to a comfortable temperature.

With smart remote control, you have it ready for your return. Some smart thermostats are programmed to learn your family’s behaviors, and adjust the temperature of the home or home zones accordingly. This means your family members are kept comfortable, but no energy is wasted heating or cooling the home when unnecessary.

A final but important benefit to consider is the ease with which a smart thermostat is installed, accessed and used. These temperature controls are designed for compatibility with modern smart mobile devices, and most users should find them easy to understand. The installation of these products is generally very simple as well.

Learn About the Top Three Heating and Cooling Devices

Before purchasing your own smart thermostat, it is important to learn the features that might be included.

There are many products available on the market, and any new user should be able to make an informed decision when choosing the perfect device. Some of the most popular smart temperature devices have been reviewed below to help you get started.

About the Nest Learning Thermostat

This product was one of the first of its kind available on the market and has now become one of the most commonly used smart temperature control devices. Nest is compatible with the majority of 24V HVAC systems.

The thermostat is known for its easy installation and pleasing design. The app used to control the device is also considered very simple to use. A notable feature of the Nest Learning Thermostat is its motion detection technology, which displays the temperature every time someone passes the device.

The thermostat also learns the behavior and routines of family members to adjust its temperature for their needs. It is worth noting that the Nest Learning Thermostat does not currently have an external temperature support. However, this may be available soon.

About the Ecobee4 Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat

Ecobee’s smart thermostat devices are a popular option, and the company is now offering its fourth generation product. The Ecobee4 is comparable to the Nest Learning thermostat for simplicity and ease of use.

Many users may be interested in this thermostat’s compatibility with other smart home devices, such as Amazon’s Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Samsung SmartThings. This can give you additional control and access to your thermostat.

This system should work with the majority of HVAC systems. However, if your system does not have a C-wire, you will have to purchase an extension kit.

About Honeywell Lyric Round Thermostat

This system is similar to those listed above in terms of design and simplicity. The device is named for its round shape, and users can control the temperature by turning the outer dial. The Lyric Round is compatible with Apple Homekit.

The thermostat also features learning capabilities and adapts to your family’s routine with tailored temperature controls.  

Despite the ease with which you can control the device once it is set up, users should note that some customers may find the Lyric Round a little more difficult to install than other products. Consider looking at the installation requirements before making a purchase.

What to Do Before You Buy

Smart thermostat devices are very beneficial for their users. However, the initial cost of purchasing one of these products means it is important to consider each device before making a decision. When looking at products, try doing the following:

  • Set a budget range.
  • Search for the device features you want.
  • Make a list of pros and cons for each product.
  • Check compatibility with your home’s heating and cooling systems.